Thursday, October 20, 2011


I do not want to be your friend
Kiss your cheek and not your lips
I don't wanna shake your hand
When I can shake your hips
I wanna have your all
See your breasts rise and fall
But you don't come when I call
I do not wanna be your friend
I do not wanna be your friend
I thought we were above that state
I could not make you love me more
I broke my hand on heavens gate
My angels gone. I took the fall
Concussions crown was all I wore
When my mind met the floor
I do not wanna be your friend

License my roving hands and let them go
Above, before, between,
behind, below
And all those secret parts of you,
I won't, I cannot give them back
The scattered signs, the whispered clues
Indelible as scars and tear tracks
As much of me, as much as you
The smile, the laugh, the sneer, the kiss,
I do not wanna be your friend
I just have no belief in this
I do not wanna be your friend
How could you forget the words I wrote,
declared for all the world to see
Signed in blood across your throat
I lost my hip, I blew my cool,
I thought we'd burnt that book of rules
Now here I stand the fucken fool
I just want to make love to you


  1. Μήπως να το συνεχίσουμε και οι δυο κανα μήνα με Howard?

  2. Κανένα πρόβλημα αλλά δε θα μας μείνει follower... Θα βγαλουν τα ξυραφάκια και τέλος..

  3. tha meino ego, dont worry! sinexiste to :P

  4. Οπως βλέπεις, η σημερινή επίθεση ήταν συντονισμένη !!