Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From The Greek Vaults #4 : Cardinals - Why

The Cardinals were formed in December 1994 with the following members: Michalis Nezis - Guitar, Vasilis Nezis - Bass, Dimitris Beleniotis - Vocals/Guitar/Drums and Andreas Paparousos - Organ. They started playing mainly covers of classic as well as obscure garage standards. They also had some original compositions, as a first evidence of their creativity. A few months later they made their first public appearance to the legendary local AN Club.
In the summer of 1996 they released their first 7" EP through Golbin Records (which later became Action Records). The tracks on this EP lean towards the groovy side of the 60's garage rhythms. More live appearances, both inside and outside Athens, followed the release of the EP, making the name of the band known to a wider audience in the Greek scene. Meanwhile the band got more confidence to fill it's set with original compositions, leaving aside the covers. Their sound turned to more moody melodies and shake rhythms, clearly showing the band's great talent.
Around the end of 1996 two new members came: Christos Pierros on bass and Sotiris on drums. This new line-up gave more strength to the band's repertoire and helped them make more dynamic shows. In the spring of 1997 the Cardinals released their debut LP through Action Records, clearly bringing forth the moody melodies of the group.
The Cardinals managed to gain the recognition among the people who love 60s inspired music, both inside and outside Greece, because of their songwriting abilities and authenticity.


  1. Τους θυμόμουν κι εγώ αυτόν τον καιρό…μάλλον θα συμπληρώσω σε κάποια φάση αυτό το ποστ με το She’s Not Coming Home…υποκλίσεις στο blog και στους Cardinals.

  2. Με πήγες πίσω τώρα αγαπητέ μου Keyser...
    Μπράβο :)